I very much appreciate your patience

Dear John,

First, let me say how excited both Bridget and I are to have our MacGregor 26X. Having a sailboat is a goal that I have had since I was a child and I want to thank you for helping me reach that goal. It truly is a beautiful boat and I very pleased with now that it is on the water and ready to sail. The boat has met all my expectations and your service has exceeded them.

John, since we first met you, you have shown yourself to be a very helpful, kind and genuinely friendly person. It seems that it is difficult to find knowledgeable and honest salespeople these days. Frankly, once the sale is done, customer service seems to disappear. You have made it clear through your actions and your words that this is not the case with your operations. Not only are you very open and helpful with questions and requests (many of which are probably trivial and silly) you are obviously very expert at the art/science of sailing. And more importantly, you are very free with your knowledge. It’s obvious obvious that you enjoy teaching and watching people as they learn to sail.

Along the way we ran into some snags with my outboard motor, and I very much appreciate your patience and effort in helping me with making it right. I’m happy with the final results of the engine overhaul, although it was an unanticipated expense. Anyway, now I have a new motor that should provide good service for a long time. When I left on Sunday evening, I attempted to tie the boat in its slip in a manner which would prevent damage to the hull or the motor. I hope it is proper and not in anybody’s way. Perhaps, next time you are at the lake you could check it and make sure it is all right. Well, once again, thank you so much for your help, your kindness and your friendship. We are looking forward so much to the rest of the summer and enjoying the boat and the lake. We can hardly wait to return!!!

Thanks again,
Yours very truly,