Recommended Dealers by John Christian

Re: Recommended Dealers by John Christian

Toledo Beach Marina, Lake Erie, September 1, 2008 

Another vote for John Gerber and Super Sport. Very knowledgeable about every possible option you can have installed but not pushy and will give you an honest answer. As said before, they answer your phone calls and return e-mails. I ordered my 2007 while I was working in Guadalajara, Mx and I needed a dealer that could communicate via e-mail, surprisingly several took weeks to respond to my initial requests for information.

John will deliver to your doorstop, rig your boat with you ( invaluable, I video taped mine) and take you sailing. I’m sure they’re are other great Mac dealers out there, and some may even support this board, I’m also sure they won’t do a better job than the guys at Super Sport Marine.

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