Recommended Dealers by Bransher

Re: Recommended Dealers by Bransher

Central Florida, August 31, 2008

I had a good experience with John Gerber at Super Sport Marine in Kearney Nebraska.

Before I ordered the boat, John made arrangements for me to go sailing on a 26M in St. Petersburg, Florida to see what I thought of it. When I purchased a boat, John’s people delivered it to my house and showed me how to rig it. We then went out on a local lake and sailed for a couple of hours. That gave me the opportunity to see that I had received everything that I ordered.

I had contacted 4 dealers before deciding to go with Super Sport. One dealer ignored my phone call and email messages, another used the slick, fast talking approach reminiscent of a used car dealer which I loath. The 3rd dealer was located in the snowbelt, and I would have had to drive my old pickup with 200,000 miles and no snowtires up there in December to pick it up and tow home myself. So when John Gerber said he would deliver it to my front door in Florida at no charge, I was sold.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the dealer before the sale, because your relationship with them is certainly not going to get any better after they have cashed your check.

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