I cannot say enough good things about your service…

Dear John,

I am delighted to see two testimonials from MacGregor 26X owners on your web site. Since I have probably purchased more MacGregors from you than anyone else, I wish to add my testimonial to your site.

I have sailed MacGregors for several years, and I will continue to do so far into the future. As you know, I am on my third MacGregor 26 in last last ten years. This is not because I wear them out; it is because you always whet my appetite to have the latest model.

The first MacGregor you sold me was the 26 Classic, a boat that served me well for several years, but when the MacGregor 26X came out, I had to own the first one east of the Rockies. Of course, you were there to accommodate my desire to buy one of the new boats, and you made it easy for me to find the means to do so. I could not justify stepping up to the 26X until I sold the Classic 26. This was not a problem, because you found a buyer for the Classic.

When the 26X arrived, both you and I were thrilled with its design and functionality. It took us a while to get the feel of sailing with a wheel rather than with a tiller, but once we mastered the feel of the wheel, we really loved the 26X. That was, until a few years later when the revised 26X was released with the new rudder system. Again, you helped find a buyer for my original 26X, and got me into the latest model.

I cannot say enough good things about your service and your knowledge of the MacGregor line of boats. You found the perfect accessories to outfit the boats to make owning and sailing them a great pleasure. I look forward to the continuation of our friendship, and future hours our sailing our favorite boat.

Ron Brown
Lincoln, NE