Thank you for the knowledge you have shared with us.

Greetings John,

My wife Rose, and I, wish to thank you for your assistance and candid suggestions in helping us purchase, and equip, our 2002 Mac Gregor 26X sailboat.

We had looked at other sailboats on the market, but felt they were limited to ‘sailing only,’ having fixed keels, and low horsepower motors. We wanted to experience more of the gamut ofwater activities available to boaters. Having exited the RV scene, we looked for a water craft that would allow us to live on the boat for short periods of time. For that, we needed something which would supply simple creature comforts. The Mac 26X with its bathroom, galley, and sleeping quarters provided the privacy and comfort we desired. Plenty of room for the two of us, and the occasional friends we entertain.

Speaking of friends, on one outing, we invited friends who were afraid of water to sail with us. The wind turned out to be blowing 35 plus mph. So we did not sail that afternoon. Instead, we cruiseed around the lake using the 50 hp. Suzuki outboard for power. Our friends later confided that despite the 2 – 3 ft. waves we encountered, they felt perfectly safe aboard the 26X. They even asked to go sailing with us again this year. I must say, I’m impressed how stable the 26X is under difficult weather conditions, when it has the water ballast aboard.

We have nieces and nephews who are wanting to be towed on water toys behind our boat this coming summer. Under power boat mode, the 26X should be able to do 18 mph. or better. Hopefully fast enough to keep the young ones happy.

I don’t know what they call novice, tenderfoot, sailors; but Rose and I fall under that heading. In our attempts to learn to sail, You have been patient and helpful in answering the questions we have thrown your way. Like why a rope is a sheet, and not a line. 🙂

Thank you for the knowledge you have shared with us. Learning to sail is an adventure, we decided ahead of time we wanted to embark upon. So far it’s been great fun.

You provided us with a water craft that challenges us, supplies us with creature comforts, and is capable of handling the variety of water activities we wish to engage in. All in all, the Mac 26X is ‘great fun.’ And when we travel, the 26X will slip nicely into any RV park. Should anyone scoff at our ‘RV’, I’ll just smile and tell them, “Mine floats.” Fair winds.

Michael & Rose Jones
Angel Wing