It’s been three months since we took delivery on our ’99 26x… I can’t thank you enough!

Dear John,

It’s been three months since we took delivery on our ’99 26x… I can’t thank you enough! I spent a year researching what boat would best fit my needs, ordering brochures and videos, and reading as much as I could about sailing. Frankly, I picked the boat before I picked the dealer. I visited a couple of Mac dealers and called several others. As you would expect, they all wanted to sell me a boat. You were different… from the first phone conversation, I could tell you wanted me to love the sport.

I had no boating experience other than occasionally renting a power boat or taking dinner cruises while on vacation. I had some concerns about sailing in general and the MacGregor in particular. After visiting with you, I was sure the MacGregor was going to be my boat and I would buy it from you.

We’ve been sailing almost daily since you delivered the Mac to our winter place in south Texas, trying to learn something new each time out. The Mac survived our total lack of experience and has been everything we hoped for.

The best part of all this: it’s something my wife and I have done together. We work together in our family business, so we are around each other 24/7. We do a lot of traveling in our motor home and truly enjoy each other. Sailing has given us the opportunity to learn, grow, and work together as a team. We love it!

Your support has been “above and beyond the call.” I’ve purchased a lot of things much more expensive than the 26x and never had follow-up like you provide. I was pleased when you called after delivering the boat…even more amazing, the calls didn’t stop. We’ve met a lot of boat owners now… no one else has received follow-up like you provide. Often times, they don’t believe me when I tell them that you call at least weekly to see if we have any questions and offer advice. If I e-mail you, you always call back right away. Your vast knowledge of the sport and the boat has made our learning curve go up quickly. We’ve had other sailors on our boat who can’t believe we’ve been sailing such a short time when they see how we handle the boat and the weather. We have you to thank for that.

One last note: I’ve heard owners of bigger, heavier boats scoff at the 26x (“not a real sailboat”, “Chlorox bottle”, “light rigging”)… they’re sitting on the dock while we’re out sailing! Our 26x has taken us through the Intracoastal, the Laguna Madre, and the Gulf and done all that we’ve asked of it. I wasn’t looking for a blue water cruiser; I wanted a boat I could grow with (not grow out of) and trailer to “the good places” (that changes with the seasons). The 26x has been the perfect fit.

I truly didn’t know if I’d want to sail or motor. It didn’t take me long to figure out what a joy it is to turn off the motor and “ride the wind.” Our Texas place is on a canal that leads to the ICW; the motor gets us to the good sailing quickly. And one time when an unforecast fog rolled in, it got us home quickly. But the sailing is the best!

I used to think flying was one of the best thrills I could enjoy…the faster the better. Who could have known that 7 knots is a thrill, too? And for way less money than what it takes to keep an airplane in the air! Thank you, John, for all your help guidance, and advice… and for your willingness to share your love of this fine sport.

Best Wishes,
Jim and Joan Bathurst
Dream Chaser 26x